Stories Ki – Aikido

Before, I never thought of doing any martial art, although
I have done all kinds of sports throughout my life.
Until something major happened in my life……..
For one and a half year I was surviving, struggling, came back up and was doing “okay”. But although I was doing “okay” I was still restless which feeling I never experienced before this major event happened in my life.

Then somebody said to me that Ki-Aikido could help me in my life. Ki-Aikido? What is that? I started to practice and I liked it. I not only liked the techniques but I also liked the meditation side of it. We call it the “Ki Development” side.

I kept on practicing and practicing and after 6 months I realized that I was doing better and I was not feeling so restless all the time. From then things started to change in me as a person and around me. But I have to say: not only Ki-Aikido and Ki Development changed me, but also with the help of my Sensei and my beautiful fellow practitioners of Ki-Aikido, who accepted me for who I am, helped me to overcome that restless feeling.

Now after 4 years of practicing Ki-Aikido I feel happy and strong within my self again and I know for sure: I will be practicing Ki-Aikido as long as I will be able to.

Mirella Dekker
58 years old
Written 12 November 2019