Ki-Aikido Development Federation Netherlands


We have a special announcement !

Last August 2023 during Summer school in Head Quarters of the Ki Federation of Great Britain in Mark, Somerset, United Kingdom, our Bennett Sensei was awarded 7th Dan by Margaret Sensei, the Head of the Ki Federation of Great Britain.

It is very unusual and special at the same time that this take place during Summer schools but nevertheless it was an honour to witness this great moment.

We will enjoy all teachings of Bennett Sensei and hope others will follow!

Mirella Dekker

Important information about classes in the hall of the Alberdingk Thijm College in Hilversum:

Sunday 30 April 2023 will be the last time we train at Alberdingk Thijm College Laapersveld 9 in Hilversum !!

From Tuesday 2 Mai 2023 until Wednesday 19 July 2023 there will be classes in the hall of Alberdingk Thijm College Zuid, read ATC Zuid in Hilversum !!

This concerns all Tuesday classes (youth and adult classes) and Sunday classes (High grade and Ki Development classes) !!

The starting and ending times will stay as usual.

See the timetable for the times.

Please note that this location is temporary.

Shortly, we will update you on the location we will train after the summer holidays.


Address new location from 2 Mai 2023:

ATC Zuid

Van Ghentlaan 51

1215 PN Hilversum

If you are in front of the school facing the building, walk to the right side of the building and look for a gate.

Go through the gate and walk around the school.

Look for a brown door.

If you open the brown door you are in the hall.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if it is not clear to you.

Please click here for our contact details.


On the 27 August 2022 we are celebrating 20 years of Ki-Aikido in the Netherlands with William Bennett Sensei. We will celebrate this day with a wonderful Open Seminar in the Gymhall Ellertsveld in Huizen. Everybody is welcome even if you have never experienced Ki-Aikido before.

Date: Saturday 27 August 2022

First session: 10:00 am to 12:00 am

Second session: 13:00 pm to 15:00 pm

Location: Gymhall Ellertsveld, Ellertsveld, 1274 KD Huizen

For who: Anyone, even if you’ve never practiced Ki-Aikido

Price for 2 sessions: EUR 65,00 for adults, EUR 32,50 youth from 12 till 17 years

In case you don’t have a Ki-Aikdio outfit, just wear jogging bottoms, t-shirt and wear flip flops in the Dojo.

Evening: BBQ starts at 18:00 pm, Joost Banckertstraat 75, 1272 BG HUIZEN

Click here to read our flyer for more information.

!!! Registration for the Seminar and the BBQ upfront is compulsory !!!


Ki-Aikido Development Federation Netherlands





We hope to see you all on the mat in 2022 in the gymhall of the Alberdingk Thijm College in Hilversum and in the gymhall Ellertsveld in Huizen!

Bennett Sensei and Mirella

Due to the new Covid restrictions, closing down between 17:00 pm – 05:00 am, we have to adjust our Ki-Aikido classes.

Sensei decided and is willing to put on all classes on the Sunday. These classes will be taught in the gymhall of the Alberdingk Thijm College, Laapersveld 9 in Hilversum.

The programme will be:

10:00 – 11:00      High Grade Class (as usual)

11:15 – 12:15      Ki Development Class (as usual)

12:30 – 14:00      Ki Aikido Class (available for all grades)

14:15 – 15:15      Youth Class

We think this is the best solution so we can meet up and practice together and we can learn from Sensei’s teachings. At the moment we cannot find another solution.

This programme will start from Sunday 28 November 2021 onwards until further notice.

There will be no classes from Monday 20 December 2021 until Monday 10 January 2022.

We hope everybody is able to attend.

See you on the mat!

Sensei & Mirella

On Sunday 3 September 2017 the Ki-Development classes and the High Grade Class in Hilversum will start again.

On Monday 4 September 2017 the Ki-Aikido classes for the new season will start in Amsterdam.

On Tuesday 5 September 2017 the Ki-Aikido classes for the new season will start in Hilversum.