Stories Ki – Aikido

What Ki-aikido means to me.
From an early childhood I have wondered:

“Why do people hurt each other, even if they love each other? How should I respond when someone hurts me? How can I stay connected without becoming a victim or an aggressor?”

Ki-aikido helps me to discover that there is a positive way beyond weakness and aggression. A way I cannot follow using my intellect. Because when challenged, I have to respond in a split second. That is why my subconscious needs to be changed. The content of my subconscious leads my actions.

As I train, I learn defense techniques, but I also learn how to become more sensitive to my environment. I learn how to respond from a sense of calm and connection, even if I cannot think about my actions beforehand. I learn that I do not need to be afraid of anything, that I do not need to be weak or aggressive and that I am okay just the way I am.

It takes a lot of practice but I feel it is totally worth the effort. In my experience, learning to love without hurting myself or others, is the most precious skill there is.

Merthe van der Bruggen